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Dec. 24th, 2011 | 04:34 pm
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posted by: tsuki_keh_ki in rhodey_loli

Would anyone be interested on working on our magazine ideas in January separate from our January Boston meet?

It would be relaxed, we could go to the duck and bunny if we have a small group and move it elsewhere if the crowd is too big.

Just bring a notebook with any ideas about what you would like to write about, what we should name our zine, how to go about getting it on the web. 

If you have any ideas not listed from my previous post don't be worried about asking about doing it.

Here is the original post:

Wig care
Hair tutorials
Make-up tutorials
Healthy Lolita (includes work out and stretches)
Do's and dont's of hosting a Lolita meet or party
Party and meet ideas
Holidays ideas
Lolita decor for the home
Traveling tips (can possibly be paired with Jessi in Wonderland)
Sewing tips
History of Lolita fashion influence
Lolita style development 
List of Lolita names, definition, and the why behind them
Lolita inspired games
Lolita pics
Geeky Lolita
Polite ways to explain Lolita to: family, friends, onlookers
(we can also include reader stories of how they did it)
Mini-Jessi in Wonderland (I'll explain)
Dance steps for different styles
Designer spotlight
Reader spotlight
Community spotlight
Ball jointed dolls
Musical, book, movie inspiration
Lolita community lists
These would be a few of the things we could discuss writing about, bring your notebook, you, and your ideas!

Oh and please post when would be a good time to meet and brainstorm things.


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