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An update delivered by the fish~footman; from the Red Queen to YOU!

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Jul. 17th, 2011 | 08:41 pm
mood: crazy crazy
music: Astronaut: A Short History of Nearly Nithing - Amanda Palmer
posted by: tsuki_keh_ki in rhodey_loli


I wanted to do this up nice and had crazy heart action and what not, then remembered...I didn't know how to lj-cut that well...forgive me!

This event was posted on our lj and facebook page not too long ago and I just wanted to make sure this page also had an update.

July 24, 2011
Time: 12:00~3:40ish
Where: North Burial Ground
       Note: If you need to use a gps to the cemetery type in 5 BRANCH AVE Providence, RI, 02903. It will take you right to the cemetery.

  We can meet right at the front gate and park either at the greenhouse nearby and walk into the cemetery to one of a few very delightful spots to picnic or we could drive up to the Brown Chapel. If there are any concerns about being hassled, they know we're coming. If there are any concerns this is innapropriate, the burial ground was designed to do exactly this around the victorian period.
For those traveling from the Boston area:
Mic was brilliant when he posted this on his fb post and so I shall post it here as well. If you get to Providence rides can be arranged. I believe most are already coordinating.


Facebook page:

This will be a potluck picnic, so please post either here or on our fb page what you wish to bring ^_^

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